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Past Symposiums
No. Date Title Organizer
The 1st ‘17.5.27.(Sat.)~30.(Tue.) Future of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics In So Kweon
The 2nd ‘17.9.19.(Tue.)~22.(Fri,) Space Tessellation and Packing : Theory and Application Hee-Kap Ahn
The 3rd ‘18.1.16.(Tue.)~19.(Fri.) Soft Robotics Kyujin Cho
(Seoul Nat’l University)
The 4th ‘18.6.24.(Sun.)~27.(Wed.) Speculating the Future Smart Things for Instrumenting Empathy and Social Intelligence Jun Dong Cho
(Sun Kyun Kwan University)
The 5th ‘18.10.23.(Tue.)~26.(Fri.) The 4th Industrial Revolution & AI Factory Jongwoon Hwang
(KIST Europe)
The 6th ‘18.11.27.(Tue.)~30.(Fri.) Human Understanding through AI : Days of Future Present Ig-Jae Kim
The 7th ‘19.1.28.(Mon.)~31.(Thur.) Emerging Topics in Haptics Sungmoon Choi
The 8th ‘19.9.25.(Wed.)~28.(Sat.) Artificial Intelligence in Math and Its Industrial Applications Jon Lark Kim
(Sogang University)
The 9th ‘19.10.1.(Tue.)~4.(Fri.) Molecular-Guided Optical Theranotics 2030 Ick Chan Kwon
The 10th ‘19.12.9.(Mon.)~11.(Wed.) Genetic Epidemiology for Precision Medicine Yoon Shin Cho
(Hallym University)